About Us

What Is SXCreators?

Revolutionising the sex industry, educating modern-day attitudes, and stopping the stigma towards Sex Workers. SXCreators believe it’s time to take control and demand equality and respect for sex work in all of its beautiful forms. We are paving the way and teaching online creators, from the fundamental basics of entrepreneurship to advanced marketing techniques, how to run a successful, sustainable platform via our Ultimate Online Course.

I'm Taylor Ryan

I've been in this exciting industry since 2016, starting my journey with glamour modelling at 18. Despite facing many challenges, I always felt right at home in front of the camera, which led me to discover OnlyFans in 2018.

With little guidance and just a handful of followers, I learned everything the hard way, but it was worth it. Now, I've been living on my own terms since 19 and I'm here to help others do the same. As the founder of SXCreators, I'm all about supporting and creating a friendly community for everyone looking to find their independence and make their mark.

Let's Get Personal

I'm a dog mum to two devilish big personalities. I document our realistic day-to-day lives in a TikTok account called Sheldon The Retriever.

I have a passion for watching comedy and writing comedy.

A secret I've never told anyone: I REALLY want to be a contestant on Dancing On Ice *hides for saying it out loud*.

I took every penny I'd saved for a mortgage and gambled it to build SX Creators; I'm passionate about shaping the industry and teaching creators.

If you'd like to connect with me and follow my day-to-day, outside of SX Creators, you'll find me constantly active over on Instagram: @_lifeoftaylor.